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  • When should I order for the holidays?
    We suggest all holiday orders be in no later than the first week of December...earlier is always better. As a small-batch artisanal shop we do all we can to fill all of our orders however, when we are sold out we are sold out. Christmas orders will not be accepted after December 15 and no orders will be shipped after December 17 unless it's an emergency (i.e. you forgot it was Christmas or you just found us!) Expedited shipping charges may apply for late orders. East Coast customers have a bit more wiggle room due to where we are located (Hudson Valley New York)
  • How long does it take to get my cake?
    We process each order as it comes in and you can expect 3-5 days before we can ship your cake. We understand that sometimes cakes will need to go out immediately and we will always do our best to manage special requests. Our bake schedule fills up quickly so the sooner you order the better. We use UPS almost exclusively and at checkout you will be given the option of UPS Ground, 3 Day Select or 2nd Day Air. Most often 3 Day Select is chosen and this is because it's guaranteed whereas UPS Ground is not. Unfortunately due to volatile fuel prices we are experiencing high shipping fees. We do not profit from shipping so if there is an overcharge and we can ship for less we will refund you directly.
  • When should I order my wedding cake?
    We do a lot of wedding cakes and we love that this tradition has been handed down through the generations! Once you have decided to have our Kransekake at your wedding we strongly suggest ordering it. We accept wedding cake orders up to one year in advance and generally have a full wedding bake schedule three months in advance. We take great care shipping our cakes and our shipping via USPS Ground service is free however, delivery dates cannot be guaranteed which is why we offer upgraded shipping through UPS or FedEx.
  • Do we have to pre order?
    Pre Ordering is always a good idea especially around May 17th and the Holidays because those days are W I L D around here. Having said that...if you need a cake we will do all that we can to get that to you ASAP
  • Does the cake come assembled?
    The 12 Ring, 9 Ring and Mini Mandel (Kransekake) come assembled and ready to go. The Special Order 18 Ring and any other taller CUSTOM orders usually ship nested together. The nest is in two assembled parts and you're only required to place one on top of the other. You can secure the two parts with royal icing or you can simply place one on top of the other. If you don't want to make royal icing simply mix confectioners sugar with a touch of water and that will act as the "glue"
  • How do you ship?
    We generally choose shipping via UPS GROUND service unless you have a specific arrival date ; It's the most cost effective way to ship at this time. We do ship USPS Priority and First Class if transit times are better than UPS. We evaluate shipping options each week to ensure we are keeping up with the best performers. If you need or want your cake shipped using an express service or with a guaranteed delivery date then we strongly suggest upgrading your shipping method during check out. We offer UPS 3 Day Select and 2nd Day Air. If you need something overnight please call or text us directly 845 514 5037 or call 845 266 8745 For our customers in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada; we do ship to your state/country however, we price each delivery individually and ask that you reach out to us with your address and preliminary order so we can give you an accurate shipping price.
  • What is in the cake?
    Mandel (Kransekake) is truly pure and simple. Ingredients are: milled almonds (both whole and blanched), sugar and egg whites with a dash of kosher salt and a dash of real almond essence.
  • Is there flour in the cake or in the forms?
    Mandel (Kransekake) is naturally Gluten Free and there is no flour used in the cake or in the forms.
  • How do you serve Kransekake?
    Watch our video below! Kransekake is best served if the rings from the bottom are removed, cut or break into serving size pieces and place around the "in tact" top of the cake on a pedestal cake plate or platter.
  • How many people can a cake serve?
    That depends on the people! I can consume one 9 ring cake all on my own. Traditionally, Scandinavian families have an assortment of delights on their dessert menus and Mandel (Kransekake) is often a part of that assortment which means that one cake can go a long way. Our 18 ring cake will offer 100 people a 5 cm "taste" which is about 2" long.
  • Can I make a custom request?
    Of course you can! We love custom orders. We're here to serve and if we can accommodate your request, we will.
  • Do you offer a VEGAN option?
    Unfortunately not. We are currently experiencing issues with our Vegan dough and have gone back to the drawing board. We have not given up, however, it's a challenge to maintain the classic look of a Kransekake and the texture of the dough with a vegan option. We will continue to experiment in our spare time and we thank you for your patience.
  • What happens if my cake arrives damaged?
    Eeeeek, we won't be happy if that happens :( and, it doesn't happen often because if there's one thing we know other than making this cake it's how to SHIP this cake. To date, this has happened less than a handful of times and only on the bottom rings of our 18 ring kransekake or the bottom of a DIY kransekake. We have two videos here on our website that shows what to do if your kransekake is damaged. We ask that you look at those in addition to calling us. All of our UPS shipments are insured however, in order for us to file a claim we need you to do the following things; It's imperative that you inspect your kransekake when it arrives and that you keep all of the packing materials in the event of a break. Please take pictures if possible. A UPS claims adjuster will arrive at the shipping address and inspect our packaging. They will determine if our packaging is sufficient. If there is no packaging we are not able to put in a claim for the insurance and therefore unable to issue a refund to you. If there's NO TIME for for us to send a new one rest assured we will review your damaged cake through Face Time or photos and we will guide you on how to fix it yourself. If none of that works then we will be in your debt and we will sort out an equitable way to make it right. The only "good news" about a broken cake is the proper way to serve Kransekake is to break the bottom rings into bite sized servings and arrange them around the top of the cake. Certainly not the ideal presentation we all strive for at the beginning of a celebration but if we don't have time to fix it this is the best approach. We send a serving instruction card with every 18 ring cake which has a photograph of the proper way to display for service.
  • What's the difference between the Norwegian Kransekake and the Danish Kransekage
    We don't pronounce them the same but that's the smallest difference! Norwegian Kransekake is made from raw and blanched almonds, sugar and egg whites and the Danish version is made from marzipan paste, blanched almonds, sugar and egg whites. The Norwegian version is equal parts almonds to sugar and the Danish version has a higher sugar content. This creates a different texture and it's noticeable. The Norwegian version is more savory and the texture of the raw almonds and the lack of marzipan paste creates the difference. Norwegian Kransekake is round and the Danish Kranskage is more triangular in shape. We also bake ours at a higher temperature and for a shorter period of time. No matter what, both are excellent and it comes down to what you're accustomed to. If you're Danish you will most likely prefer Kransekage and if you're Norwegian you'll prefer Kransekake. We want everyone to be happy so that's why we make a point of letting you know which version we bake.
  • How do I take care of my Kransekake?
    It's important NOT to refrigerate your Kransekake! Kransekake is not a perishable confection; it's more similar to a cookie and is best if kept wrapped as is until you are ready to display. Leftovers (a rare occasion indeed) can be frozen for 12 + months. Care instructions can be found on the bottom of your cake box in addition to the tri fold pamphlet included in your package and in true Norwegian fashion, if your cake does dry out you can easily refresh it. Simply follow the instructions on the box. If you have any issues at all or are unsure then please reach out to us directly and we will work on whatever issue you have, together.
  • Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada?"
    Yes, we certainly do. We aks that you email us your order directly so we can give you and accurate shipping price. If it's acceptable then we create a custom portal for you on our website so you can process your order.
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