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Bespoke Bryllup

Bespoke Bryllup


July 1-10 Bake Board is FULL


If you are Norwegian or if you have Norwegian ancestry you must consider a kransekake for your wedding!   No matter your overall look kransekake will add a touch of tradition and culture.

Kransekake is an iconic Norwegian confection found on every dessert buffet when it counts.


Our 18 and 36 Ring Bespoke Bryllup Kransekaker take more time and space which is why we limit the number we bake and decorate each week.


We will open 2025 wedding orders in mid January 2025


Custom packages available; please email


Each kransekake is made and decorated by hand and to order so although piping patterns are planned there are small variations due to the nature of the process.


Each 18 Ring is fully decorated and will arrive in 2 completed pieces in 1 shipping box and 

each 36 Ring is fully decorated and will arrive in 4 completed pieces in 2 shipping boxes.  Simply place each section on top of the other.  If you choose to adhere each section we have our royal icing recipe included in each box for your convenience.


Please review dimensions on the bottom of the listing to ensure this is the right size for you!


We ship almost exclusively via UPS and at checkout you can select Ground Service if you have a flexible delivery date.  3 Day Select is the default shipping method because delivery is guaranteed by UPS however, click on the drop down menu for all other options.


Holiday bake schedules (Easter, 17th of May, Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years) fill up weeks in advance so order early!


Mandel cakes are perfect for dessert buffets, weddings, holidays, no reason whatsoever!   

Our 18 ring serves 100 guests a 5cm "bite"

Our 36 ring serves 200 guests a 5cm "bite" when paired with other desserts.


Norwegian Kransekake varies from the Danish Kransekage so if you're accustomed to the Danish version please keep this in mind! 


Each ring diameter is approximately 12mm and our ingredients are simple; Ground almonds (blanched & raw), sugar & egg whites.

Kransekake should never be refrigerated! If you have listed a specific delivery date we will schedule your bake accordingly and ship to ensure it's timely arrival. Your Kransekake can be left as is until you are ready to display. If you receive it well in advance of needing it simply freeze as is until your preferred date.

All of our custom boxes have care instructions on the bottom and a good trick too.

  • Care Instructions

    Kransekake is not a perishable item, it is a "best by" item.

    Do not refrigerate Kransekake. 

    Kransekake can be frozen for a year if needed!

    If your kransekake gets hard simply put a piece of white bread in the center, wrap in plastic and twist tie the top.  In 14-24 hours your Kransekake will be soft again.

    All of our boxes have care instructions on the bottom.


  • Shipping Info

    We are so happy we can ship these beauties Nationwide and to our good Canadian neighbors to our north.   If you are shipping to Canada please email us directly for shipping rates!

    We use UPS almost exclusively and we understand that shipping is expensive.  You will have a choice of Ground, 3 Day Select or 2nd Day Air at checkout. 

    Please note that UPS does not guarantee their Ground Service delivery dates 

  • Dimensions

    18 Ring:

    Diameter 20 cm (8") x Height 25 cm (10")


    36 Ring:

    Diameter 20cm (8") x Height 50cm (20")



    We insure all of our kransekaker because shipping mishandling, although rare, does happen from time to time and we are as disappointed as you when a break occurs. 

    It's imperative that you inspect your kransekake when it arrives and that you keep all of the packing materials in the event of a break

    A UPS claims adjuster will arrive  at the shipping address and inspect our packaging.  They will determine if our packaging is sufficient. 

    If there is no packaging we are not able to put in a claim for the insurance and therefore unable to issue a refund to you.

    ​​​​​​​Additionally, Please take as many photos as possible so we can include those with th einsurance claim. If we don't have any we will be unable to proceed with UPS!

    The good news is kransekake is intended to be broken when served and we have videos on our website showing exactly how to do that.

  • Refund or Cancellation Policy

    We are interested in lifelong customers so if you are dissatisfied or unhappy with your Mandel Cake then we are as well.  Just pick up the phone and call us +1 845 266 8745 or email us if it's easier

    We'll do everything we can to correct the issue

    If you wish to cancel your order please know that the payment processor will charge .035% of your total.  Unfortunatley this is not our fee and is out of our hands to refund.

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