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Our handcrafted dough is 1000 grams per package; enough to make your own 18 ring kransekake or a large assortment of kransekake cookies.


Only 3 ingredients; freshly ground raw and blanched almonds, pure cane sugar and a splash of  pasteurized egg white to  bind.


Dough does not come with any instructions and is intended for the well versed kransekake maker.

If you are a novice please purchase the full kit.


Kransekake is not difficult however, it does take practice and patience.


  • Shipping Info

    Choose ground shipping at checkout 

  • Care Instructions

    Dough has been rested and is ready to use.  Keep dough refrigerated.

    Making Kransekake is easiest with cold and well rested dough and making cookies with a press is easiest with dough a room temperature,

    Happy baking

  • Refund or Cancellation Policy

    We are interested in lifelong customers so if you are dissatisfied or unhappy with your Mandel Cake then we are as well.  Just pick up the phone and call us +1 845 266 8745 or email us if it's easier

    We'll do everything we can to correct the issue

    If you wish to cancel your order please know that the payment processor will charge .035% of your total.  Unfortunatley this is not our fee and is out of our hands to refund.

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